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Digital Marketing Course in Okhla Phase 1 2 & Phase 3

Digital Marketing Course in Okhla Phase 1 2, 3 provides one of the best Digital Marketing Course in Okhla, which provides the foremost training solution of Digital Marketing. We deliver you the best layout of every single and specialized course which is applied by calling these times. Digital Marketing Course in Okhla has the particular add up to understudies and coaches which leads you at each progress of your prosperity.

Digital Marketing, it is a way of the promotion of a particular products or brands via different forms of electronic media, which is differs from the traditional marketing also known offline marketing.

SEO Overview

First of all we’ll see what SEO exactly Is and what kind of process we need to follow to get higher rankings in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Basic Website Designing

After getting a basic idea of Search Engine Optimiation our next step is to know about the basic website codes like HTML and CSS. we’ll how we can create, edit and download or upload a website using software like Adobe Dreamweaver and File Zila.

Google Keyword Planner

In this module we’ll start working with the advance techniques of Search Engine Optimization. first of all we’ll see how we can find out the keywords people searching for over net regarding our business. before starting with the main process of SEO we must have a bunch of keywords to work with.

On Page SEO

After Researching keywords now the time is to work with them. first of all we need to make our website Search Engine friendly by placing our keywords on some appropriate places on our website so that the search engines can categorize our website in proper category with our targeted keywords.

Off Page SEO

After Onpage Optimization the time is for Off page SEO. Off Page SEO is also called link building. we need to make strong link building to make an athority of our website i the eyes of search engines so that our site can achive higher rankings.

Google Algorithms

Google Algorithms are also called quality checkers of Google. Google has five major algorithms to judge the quality structure of a website. if we’re not following the quality guidelines of the giant search engine then our site may get penalized at any time. Content Marketing and Guidelines
Content is very important if you want to market your products and services online. there is only content which can help you make maximum conversions. It’s also very important in the eyes of search engines. you can easily get higher rankings if your content is following all the quality guidelines of Google and other major search eniges.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster Tool is a free tool from the house of Google with the help of we can submit our website to Google for indexation and can track the performance of it in Google search. with the help of this tool we can track many things like how many clicks we’re getting on our targeted keywords and what is the position of our website in Google search results.

Google Analytics Tool

Again a free tool from the house of Google. Google Analytics Tool is very important in SEO. this tool can help us to track our visitors. we can track how many visitors our site is getting on daily, weekly or monthly basis and where those visitors are coming from.

Social Media Overview

First of all we’ll see what social media exactly is? and how we can get benefit and promote our business on various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Youtube.

Facebook (Optimization & Marketing)

Facebook is world’s best social networking site. we can get tons of traffic through this giant. we’ll see how we can create facebook profiles, business pages and groups on Facebook.

Google Plus Optimization

This module will cover Google plus optimization in which we’ll learn how we can create business and personal pages on Google plas. what are Google plus communities and how we can get benefit from them. we’ll also see how to track visitors on Google plus pages and how to optimize our Google plus page to get more followers and traffic to our website.

Twitter (Optimization & Marketing)

Twitter is world’s largest social networking site on earth used by celebrities and brands. Twitter can bring us thousands of visitors everyday if our campaign is on right track. Learn how to create business pages on Twitter and how to optimize them for more followers and clicks for our website to get maximum exposure from them.

Youtube (Optimization & Marketing)

Youtube is another best site to promote a business through videos. Youtube can bring us thousands of visitors everyday. Its a best website to promote a business through video marketing.

Google Adwords (PPC) Overview

First of all we’ll get introduction to Pay Per Click advertisements. we’ll se what Google Adwords exactly is and how we can get benefit from Google Adwords Paid campaigns like text advertisements, banner advertisements and video advertisements.
Google Adwords Control Panel (Dashboard)
After intro to Google adwords we’ll start working with Adwords control panel in which we;ll learn researchning keywords, creating Ad Campaigns like text, banner and videos, creating ad groups and ads. we’ll also learn conversion tracking, remarketing, negative and positive keywords marking.

Google Adwords Advance Display

After Google fundamentals we’ll learn about Google Advance display and attempt to clear the exam. in this module we’ll cover all the aspects of Google display advertisements and will see the best practices to optimize our display (Banner) advertisements programs in Google Adwords.

Google Adwords Advance Search

In this module we’ll cover the best practices and advance concepts of creating managing and optimizing search advertisements. after sduying the main concepts of Google search networks we’ll try to clear the exam.

For existing batches and corporate training you can either apply online enquiry form or can contact us at: 9555696058, Digital Marketing institute in Okhla Phase1 2, Delhi,  Govindpuri, Kalkaji.

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Digital Marketing Course in Lajpat Nagar

Looking for best Digital Marketing Course in Lajpat Nagar ? Don’t go anywhere because we are providing you best Digital Marketing education with very affordable prices. We develop your skills with our best trainers, 100% Job assurance, best training material etc. So join our free demo classes for best demonstration.

In our training we are offering complete 26 digital marketing course modules including:

  • SEO course including On page, Off page & Audience Engagement
  • SMO Course including Organic and Paid Promotions
  • SEM, PPC or AdWords Course for instant promotion
  • Email Marketing Course for bulk audience targeting
  • E-Commerce Course for startups
  • YouTube Marketing Course for Bloggers & Youtubers
  • Online Earning Course for house wives, Students & Freelancers and more

Additional Benefits of Digital Marketing Course in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi

We have numbers of advantages for our students, some of them are:

A Better Learn Digital Way to Marketing

Why Choosing King of Digital Marketing Institute?

  • Expert Trainers
  • Small Batches
  • Weekend Training
  • Live projects
  • Marketing Tools
  • Free Re-Practice Sessions
  • Free e-mail & Phone Support
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Resume Sending
  • 100% Job Assistance
  • Personality Development
  • Interview Crack Classes
  • Online Training Available

Who can join for Digital Marketing Course?

Digital Marketing Course in Lajpat Nagar is meant for everyone, you can be a student, house wife, freelancer, entrepreneur, manager, CEO or any. This motive of this course is to impart unbiased education to everyone. Although there is no prerequisite for this course but an intermediate, basic knowledge of written English and Internet operation will be an add-on.

Apply for Digital Marketing course in Lajpat Nagar

For existing batches and corporate training you can either apply online enquiry form or can contact us at: 9555696058, Digital Marketing institute in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi Govindpuri, Kalkaji.

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